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Last year, The Times published a very interesting article about a study at Tel Aviv University
regarding oxygen therapy and its effect on the ageing process with a short but deceptive sentence
‘Oxygen therapy reverses the body’s ageing process’ which led to a huge increase in demand for
recreational oxygen products.

Which was not exactly the whole truth. In reality, the scientists observed that two main
biological signs of ageing can be reversed by giving people oxygen therapy.

The 2 signs are as follows:

– The build-up of harmful chemical secreting cells known as senescent cells which causes
conditions like dementia, arthritis and osteoporosis

– Shortening in certain parts of DNA known as telomeres which causes most of the
age-related illnesses.

According to the results of the study, the key to reversing these two biological hallmarks of
growing old is oxygen.

The experiment lasted for three months and included 35 people over the age of 64.
The group underwent five sessions a week in a hyperbaric chamber, breathing oxygen through a
mask for 90 minutes at a time.

The results according to blood samples taken at intervals during and after the 90-day test period
showed a reduction in senescent cells and a lengthening in telomeres. This means that oxygen
therapy can play a huge role in reducing the risk of chronic age-related conditions.
Hence, gO2 therapy can not only help improve mental acuity, fight fatigue, assist immune
function and boost wellbeing in the short term, but can also reverse the body’s ageing process in
the long term.

So, start using gO2 therapy today and we promise you that your older self will thank you later.

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