Do you ever wonder why sometimes it feels like your passion for fitness, dedication, and hard work is not yielding the results it should? Have you ever had a feeling that something is lacking? That something can be oxygen, one of the things you need the most for a healthy life. 

No matter how many years you have been working out or how much of an expert you are, one thing will always remain constant. The amount of time it takes your body to recover after a workout session will always be indirectly proportional to the amount of your body’s oxygen intake. There is always a possibility that you might not be getting enough oxygen. Why a possibility? To understand that, let us know more about oxygen deficit and oxygen debt.  

What is Oxygen Deficit?


In simple terms, “oxygen deficit is the sum of the minute differences between the measured oxygen uptake and the oxygen uptake occurring during steady-state work at that same rate.” 

How does Oxygen Deficit affect your body?


After a strenuous workout session, the body needs to work harder to compensate for the oxygen deficit that occurred during the session so that the oxygen levels can be replenished.

For example, “if a person needs 2.0 liters of oxygen to perform a physical function for an hour, but he/she inhales only 1.0 liter, then the oxygen deficit is 1.0 liter/hour. The accumulation of the deficit during the exercise of four hours would be an oxygen debt of 4.0 liter (4 hours x 1.0 liter per hour).”

What is Oxygen Debt?

In simple terms, oxygen debt is “the body’s oxygen deficiency resulting from strenuous physical activity.” 

In medical terms, it is “a cumulative deficit of oxygen available for oxidative metabolism that develops during periods of intense bodily activity and must be made good when the body returns to rest.”

How can gO2 therapy help?

Go2 therapy can increase your oxygen intake to more than 4 1/2 times the amount of oxygen you regularly breathe.

With their ability to provide an increased percentage of oxygen into the body, our oxygen cans can help with oxygen deficit and oxygen debt. 

Using gO2 therapy before, after, or during a workout session can help decrease the oxygen deficit, which leads to enhanced performance and endurance. Additionally, an oxygen boost from gO2 therapy can also help in quick recovery from muscle fatigue and soreness.

That’s why breathing gO2 therapy can help you perform better and get the most out of your strenuous workout. 

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