Power Your Yoga with gO2 therapy

Power yoga

A Brief History of the Breath

Perhaps the oldest, most fundamental element in yoga, and for aspiring yogis to grasp, is the importance of breathing. Sadly, the strains of modern life (e.g., stress) that are so common in the Western world seem to have robbed people of the innate ability to breathe as intended. Many ancient texts, including the story of creation that is embraced by the three largest faiths of the world, chose the image of breath as the fulfilment or embodiment of being alive. In Genesis, the first book of Scriptures, the creator of the universe is described as giving the first man (Adam) ruach – the Hebrew word for “breath” or “spirit” – bringing Adam’s body (made from clay) to life.

Why human beings have forgotten how to properly breathe is a topic for a future article. The focus of this article, and of yoga, is on why breathing – and moreover breathing enriched oxygen – can help enhance an individual’s well-being and elevate the yoga experience.

Elevate Your Yoga Experience with gO2 therapy

gO2 therapy contains pure recreational oxygen, or about 4.5 times more than the percentage of oxygen that is the air you regularly breathe. That’s why, for the serious yogi, supplementing with pure recreational oxygen will provide your body with the cellular power it needs to return, like new, to the mat – day after day. Without the life-giving energy and recovery inherent in gO2 therapy, muscles soreness – caused by excessive muscle use and fatigue – could kick in. The absence of ample oxygen when you need it, in more technical terms, is called an “oxygen debt,” which is the overall debt accumulated during exercise that has to be replenished after the physical activity. It is during these physically demanding yoga experiences that pure, portable handheld oxygen, such as gO2 therapy, comes to the rescue.