Oxygen Crisis

Oxygen is arguably one of the most important elements on Earth.  Like water, it keeps us alive. We all know that. But do you know why it is so vital? Or how much do we need on a daily basis to stay healthy? Or that almost everyone today is oxygen-deficient – perhaps even you! Whether for general wellness or for any specific need, gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life can help your body regain optimal levels.

Why Oxygen?

To understand the importance of oxygen, we need to first understand what happens when we breathe. The air we take in is a mixture of gases. Our lungs filter out the oxygen from the air and absorb it into the bloodstream. The rest of the air is then let out. In a similar fashion, the nutrients from the food we consume are absorbed into the cells. The oxygen is then used to burn the fuel [sugars and fatty acids] in our cells to produce energy.  In simple words, if the body needs more energy, it needs more oxygen along with the nutrients.

Beware of what you breathe

Air Pollution can lower your oxygen level

You can’t always control what goes into your lungs. A walk down the street can fill them with second-hand smoke. Exhaust fumes from cars and other vehicles zooming past, guarantee a lower level of oxygen in the air. Even inside our homes, the air may look clean but can contain harmful pollutants.

A human body needs at least 550l of pure Oxygen per day. But lifestyle factors like travel fatigue, smoking, drinking and rigorous physical activity along with air pollution affect our blood oxygen levels. A reduced blood oxygen level may result in tiredness, reduced ability to focus, dizziness, headaches etc. When your body begins to run out of oxygen, the muscles convert the glucose in the cells into lactic acid, instead of energy. This is temporary and can happen only for so long. The result is, you experience weariness and often cramps and pain in the muscles. What you need is a breath of pure air.

Global deoxygenation

However, we are in the middle of a global oxygen crisis. The oxygen levels in the atmosphere have been gradually declining. 10,000 years ago, our earth was covered with rich forests. The trees and plants enriched our atmosphere with oxygen. Today the forest cover has gone down by half. These environmental changes have caused a sharp decline in the volume of oxygen around us. The situation in the polluted cities we live in is even more worrisome. The declining atmospheric oxygen level has potentially devastating consequences on human health.

elements Life – Your passport to wellness

Don’t worry, help is here. Whether you are a city dweller or not, whether you are a sports freak or prefer a daily walk, we all need to rejuvenate our bodies. Inhale into gO2 therapy‘– 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life. Only a few breaths can help your body recover and energize. ‘gO2 therapy’ canisters are small enough to carry around easily. They help you recover from exposure to pollutants and other particulate matter. ‘gO2 therapy‘ is your personal Oxygen bar. It is your passport to breathing well, breathing free and breathing pure.

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