5 steps to increase oxygen saturation level in your blood

For a healthy person, the oxygen saturation level in the blood may not seem like a big deal. But if you are suffering from a chronic lung disease, are prone to asthmatic attacks or live in an area with high air pollution levels, every breath counts. If you struggle to breathe properly, maintaining optimal blood oxygen levels can add to that struggle.


What is blood oxygen level and what does it mean?

The oxygen from the air we inhale is absorbed and stored in our blood cells. Then it is transported to other parts of our body through the blood vessels. Ideally, a normal healthy person should achieve blood oxygen saturation levels greater than 95%. Anything below 90% is considered low, referred to as Hypoxia. Hence, any reason that can cause your blood oxygen levels to drop is a serious condition. It can lead to anything from dizziness and uncoordinated movements to becoming unresponsive.

The human body requires a steady amount of glucose and oxygen in order to function properly. So, making sure that your body receives enough oxygen is of utmost importance. A simple device called an oximeter, clipped on to the tip of your index finger can be used to monitor blood oxygen levels.

Here are a few tips for restoring your blood oxygen level:


1-Eat Well

Getting tired easily, a quickening of the heart-rate and rapid breathing, especially during a workout are some of the initial symptoms of low blood oxygen levels. Your nourishment might be lacking the necessary ingredients that increase oxygen saturation in blood and energize you. Focus on iron-rich items in your diet. Certain foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, legumes and green, leafy vegetables help improve the blood oxygen levels. Kale, broccoli, spinach and celery are some of the green veggies that help restore oxygen in the body and make you feel energetic.


2-Exercise regularly and exercise right

Exercise improves your breathing pattern and its depth, thereby increasing the amount of air you inhale. As your breathing improves, your lungs will be able to absorb more oxygen from the air. You might want to consult a professional or a doctor about the type of exercise you need to do, the amount and intensity. If, however, you still feel breathless, it may be a good idea to inhale a few shots of gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life


3-Plant Trees

Plants and trees around your house are always a good idea. They not only cool the area, but they also improve air quality. In addition, introduce green plants inside your home as well. Indoor plants like the Mani plant, Areca Palm tree, and snake plant are well known to purify the air. They increase the oxygen availability in the air you breathe.  Keep a small fern on your office desk. These plants are easy to maintain and require minimal sunlight. The better the air quality around you, the higher the oxygen saturation in your blood.


4-Practice Meditation

Meditation and Yoga teach you to breathe right and breathe deep. A few minutes of a daily deep breathing routine will relax you, reduce your stress and improve your oxygen intake.

Add gO2 therapy Canned Oxygen to your home & office emergency kit

Recreational Oxygen or Canned Oxygen is not a medical product, nor is its industrial oxygen. The use of canned oxygen can help in instantly increasing blood oxygen levels. Only a few shots improve oxygen saturation in the body and increase oxygen supply to the brain, thus treating any minor symptoms related to oxygen deficiency. Some people even use recreational oxygen to keep the brain going strong and to negate the ill-effects of aging. For someone suffering from lung diseases and finding it difficult to maintain oxygen levels in the blood, the use of gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life

 can help energize the body and stay healthy.

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