All-nighters are an inevitable part of college life – including finals week, rush week, or any other night of the week. Keeping a canister of pure recreational oxygen from gO2 therapy on your desk is a healthy way to counter those late-night yawns and stay alert. Proven effective in helping increase concentration and memory recall, breathing pure oxygen is also a healthy, natural way to reduce stress and lessen your exposure to stale dorm room air. Recreational oxygen can help you:

  • Heighten concentration, alertness and mental clarity
  • Improve cognitive performance, including memory
  • Sustain energy and vitality
  • Decrease school-related stress
  • Diminish the body’s exposure to stale indoor or polluted air

Brain-Boosters: Oxygen is Serious Brain Food

Studies have shown that a well-oxygenated brain performs better in terms of cognitive performance and memory retention. In a recent study, a British neuroscientist found that a dose of oxygen can improve performance on tasks that require a large amount of mental effort. That’s because the brain is one of your body’s biggest energy-suckers – it takes up 20 percent of the body’s energy! Intense mental effort drains it fast. Replenishing the brain with 99 percent pure gO2 therapy oxygen is an effective, simple side effect-free way to restore the brain’s energy levels. gO2 therapy is healthy food for your brain – without the crash or other side effects associated with consuming too much caffeine, energy drinks and other stimulants. Give it a try. See if it doesn’t improve the score on your next chemistry test. Got Oxygen?