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“Your body is your temple,” they say. Well it’s not unless you really treat it like one. It’s true that energy drinks give you an instant boost of energy, but research suggests that this boost happens at the cost of your health. 


A recent study from Mayo Clinic shows that drinking a 16-ounce energy drink can increase your blood pressure and stress hormone responses significantly, raising concerns over increased risk of cardiovascular events. This study also goes on to say that the short-lived boost of these energy drinks can be accompanied by problems such as nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and rapid heartbeats.


If the results of this study aren’t enough to scare you, there is another study that suggests that the ones who consume energy drinks are subjected to a higher risk of dangerous heart rhythms, which might as well be fatal.


Too many problems, one solution!

Now that you know exactly what you are risking every time you gulp down an energy drink, let’s talk about a natural and absolutely awesome alternative that will give you the energy boost you need, but in a healthier way.  


gO2 therapy gives you an energy boost without any side effects because it does not contain any sugar, fat, carbohydrates or other potentially harmful ingredients. You should know that energy drinks are jam-packed with all of these! 


A very handy can, power-packed with 99 % pure recreational oxygen, you can use it as many times in a day as you want, without worrying about side effects, or in that case, even overdose. Additionally, it doesn’t just give your body an energy boost, but also heightens your concentration, alertness and mental clarity. 


gO2 Therapy oxygen helps in fueling your cells to give you the energy you need to think and perform at your optimum level. Also, the best thing about gO2 therapy is that it’s easy to be carried on the move, besides being a safe and sleek way to keep you alert, sharp and energized throughout the day.

So next time you need an energy-boost, you know what to do!

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