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Have you ever fallen short of words in a super-important discussion because your mind went
completely blank? You might think it happens just to you, but it’s not uncommon. Do you know
why it happens?

Sometimes, when you’re working hard for your studies, your brain races through its oxygen
reserves. This makes you forget something that you learnt not so long ago. It’s because when
your brain is put through too much work, your body has to struggle to replenish oxygen levels
faster, and as a result, you forget that one important thing you need to retain.
The human brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and interestingly the harder you work, the
less it gets. That’s why even simple tasks like making a ppt, replying to emails, remembering

your to-do list can deplete the oxygen that fuels your brain. It’s easy to guess what happens after

That’s right! Your short-term memory fails and your mind goes blank.

So how can you keep those oxygen levels up?
A recent study, conducted by The University of Northumbria, showed that using a recreational
oxygen product like gO2 therapy, enhanced memory formation in healthy young adults.
The researchers observed that oxygen inhalation immediately before learning resulted in a
significant increase in recollection, after a controlled test. Imagine spending all night to mug up
the whole syllabus one night before the exam and actually remembering most of it during the

gO2 therapy can help in making it possible by increasing your blood’s oxygen saturation level,
which promotes better mental acuity and heightened learning capacity so that your all-nighter
mugging sessions before exams can be much more fruitful.

So, if you regularly need to, or like to learn new things, and if all-nighters are often your go-to
study routine, a few puffs of gO2 therapy can give you the power to do it better and easier.

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