When people first discover gO2 therapy, they mistakenly think it is simply “canned air”. However, gO2 therapy is not canned air. It is very different from the air you breathe and can help you in many ways.

The air you normally breathe every day contains only 21% oxygen. What makes the other 79% you may ask? The answer is that the majority is 78% useless nitrogen and 1% of trace gases like argon, carbon dioxide, neon, and helium.

Do you know that you breathe in over 2,000 gallons of air per day? This amount of air is enough to fill up a normal-sized swimming pool. But unfortunately, around 1600 gallons of that amount is useless because only around 400 gallons is pure oxygen.

Now that you know that, you might want to believe that the regular air you breathe might not be enough and you won’t be wrong to think that. That’s why we suggest using gO2 therapy.

What is gO2 therapy?

gO2 therapy is 99% pure oxygen in portable, lightweight, and recyclable canisters. gO2 therapy provides nearly 4X the amount of oxygen you get from normal air which can make you feel better in many day-to-day situations.

Why you should always keep a can of gO2 therapy handy with you?

Your body needs oxygen to create energy! Oxygen provides energy to your cells to power your tissues, muscles, and organs. Without proper oxygen levels, you can feel tired, sluggish, or even sick. Your body also uses oxygen during food digestion to absorb nutrients from what you eat. That’s why whenever you are feeling low on oxygen you should take a few puffs of gO2 therapy to feel like your healthy self again.

Who can use gO2 therapy?

Many people can use gO2 therapy for several reasons.

  • Senior citizens can use it to enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Anyone who feels shortness of breath during the heat and humidity of summer can use it to feel better
  • Athletes can use it to improve their performance during competition and training.
  • Hikers and mountaineers can use it to deal with altitude sickness
  • People living in areas with poor air quality can use it to fight the harmful effects of pollution.
  • Smokers can use it to counter the harmful effects of smoking.

So, it’s better to have it with you wherever you go because you don’t know when you might need it.

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