Like every place in the world right now you can’t go to the gym without wearing a mask. While it’s important to wear a mask to protect oneself from getting infected, this reason doesn’t exactly make it easy for a person to go through their workout while wearing a mask.

As a result, members must wear masks during training sessions that often involve cardio and heavy breathing, which can be uncomfortable for some people who aren’t used to wearing masks while they work out.

When people are wearing masks during training sessions involving cardio and heavy breathing, it can be really uncomfortable for them. The thing is that wearing a mask is not a universal experience. Everyone feels different when they wear a mask – most people aren’t bothered by it, but some find it really difficult to deal with face mask fatigue.

Some masks are also better designed for activities like working out and training. But if you’re running or doing a workout that involves cardio, chances are it may take some time to adjust with a mask on.


How can gO2 therapy help?

Whether you’re training at home, outdoors, or are required to wear a mask at the gym, you can always stay refreshed with gO2 therapy, which provides portable 99% pure supplemental oxygen. It’s a healthy and all-natural respiratory support that provides energy and assists in recovery and performance during a workout. Athletes have used supplemental oxygen for decades – much like football players using oxygen on the sidelines during games. gO2 therapy provides supplemental oxygen to whoever needs it, anytime and anywhere!

Our body needs oxygen to create energy! Oxygen is used to power our cells, muscles, tissues, brain, and liver. Without proper oxygen, you can feel tired, sluggish, short of breath, and even begin to get sick. Did you know that the air we normally breathe contains ONLY around 21% oxygen? The majority of the air we breathe is useless 78% nitrogen. And this oxygen content can be even less in poor air quality areas. gO2 therapy provides nearly 5X the amount of pure oxygen you normally breathe.

So, using gO2 therapy during a workout simply makes sense, especially if you’re wearing a mask. If you’re winded from cardio and need a quick pick-me-up, gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen can be used quickly and easily under your mask. 

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