People who discover gO2 therapy portable supplemental oxygen for the first time often have some questions about our product. We have compiled all of those questions into one comprehensive article.

Question: How to use gO2 therapy?

ANSWER: Using gO2 therapy is very easy. You just need to follow these simple steps and you will be good to go-

  1. Just open the can
  2. Press the trigger to activate the flow
  3. And take a few puffs till you think it’s enough

Question: How many inhalations are in a canister of gO2 therapy?

ANSWER: Every can of gO2 therapy has 18 liters of oxygen and that is enough to give you around 900-1000 inhalations. And, we would like to mention that it is at least 6X more than what any of our competitors offer.

Question: What’s the difference between gO2 therapy and the air I breathe?

ANSWER: In normal conditions, the air we breathe contains around 21% oxygen. Many people are surprised by this fact. The majority of the air we breathe is useless 78% nitrogen. That’s also not taking into account any pollution in the air. gO2 therapy is 99% pure oxygen. It contains nearly 4X the amount of oxygen you breathe normally.

Question: Is gO2 therapy USFDA approved?

ANSWER: gO2 therapy is the only product in its category to be manufactured in a USFDA registered facility.

Question: Is gO2 therapy like an energy drink or coffee?

ANSWER: We’ve all seen the energy drinks at the grocery stores, in so many varieties and flavors, which promise a quick fix for your drowsiness. What they contain are caffeine, sugars, carbs, and calories that can be harmful to your health or and also can cause you to crash after their effects expire – forcing you to drink even more to avoid that crash. The same can be said of the effect of coffee on your body. gO2 therapy has no caffeine, sugar, carbs, or calories. So, there is no risk of a sugar crash.

gO2 therapy is completely natural and more relaxing and restorative than energy drinks or coffee. Breathing gO2 therapy may help improve cognitive performance, memory, and reaction time and also makes you feel more alert and energetic.

Question: Is gO2 therapy flammable?

ANSWER: This is by far the most common misconception we see posted about oxygen. Oxygen itself is not flammable and does not burn. But it can feed an existing fire, so it’s dangerous to use any oxygen tank around something that is burning because it will help the fire burn more quickly. In other words, oxygen isn’t the problem – it’s the existing fire.

Question: Does gO2 therapy have any side effects?

ANSWER: There are no known side effects to gO2 therapy.

Question: Can I recycle gO2 therapy canisters?

ANSWER: Our canisters are made out of aluminum, which means they are recyclable. They can be disposed of along with the normal cans you recycle every day.

Question: Do I need a prescription for gO2 therapy?

ANSWER: No, you do not need a prescription to purchase and use gO2 therapy. It is not medical oxygen, which needs to be prescribed by a doctor or physician.

Question: Why is gO2 therapy can so lightweight? Is my canister empty?

ANSWER: Oxygen gas is virtually weightless. gO2 therapy cans are very light, but we assure you that every can comes with 18 liters of oxygen. The weight of a full can feel empty because oxygen inside has no discernible mass. This weight advantage makes gO2 therapy portable and easy to carry.

Have more questions about gO2 therapy? Feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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