Nobody likes a monotonous life. Everyone wants a change every now and then. After all, change is the only constant. Some people bring this change in their lives, by going on a trek. Others want to reward themselves after a long, hectic week.

Even though the rise in cases of the variant has increased the chances of restrictions of traveling, we know some of you must still be dreaming about answering the call to the mountains. So, when the times become normal, we want you to be fully prepared to take that call.

Trekking is a joyful walking experience which is a combination of hiking and walking activity in which one can take a multi-day or a single-day expedition to enjoy the scenery of rural regions or rugged hills & territory or valleys or forts. One should never forget to carry proper trekking essentials such as the right trekking shoes, bags, and emergency supplies. One such trekking essentials is gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen can which is portable and lightweight and can be particularly helpful in case of high-altitude sickness.

For some of you, it might have been a long time when you experienced the feeling of just packing your bag and wandering off to a mountain. So, let’s talk about the reasons why you would love to do that again.

To take a break and clear your mind:

Has “work from home” stressed you out or going back to the office is even more stressful than you remember? Trekking can bring much-needed excitement to your life.

To be with Mother Earth:

When you have spent so much time at your home, we think you would love the feeling of lying in the lap of mother earth and experiencing the refreshing air with lush green grass and the breath-taking view.


Every step, every moment in the cliffs is an opportunity for a phenomenal picture. So, it’s a great reason to go trekking to flaunt your photography skills.

To get fit:

A lot of fitness freaks, consider hiking as a great way to maintain that body they worked super-hard on. After all, being fit is easy; maintaining it takes up most of their efforts. And who wouldn’t choose stupendous scenery over a boring treadmill? For that adrenaline rush:

For that adrenaline rush:

Are you very adventurous? Do you love taking risks?  Haven’t felt that adrenaline rush in so long? You would love to take a trek to a steep hill or a fort. And maybe this adrenaline might feel like a drug to you and wouldn’t be able to get enough of it. 

To overcome challenges:

Since our childhood, we’ve been hearing – Always face your challenges/fears. If you prefer to face challenges, the hills are probably the best place to do so. They’re non-judgmental, they do not bar you if you struggle, and they do not belittle your efforts even if you take an eternity to climb that hill.

But, unfortunately, this feeling of euphoria comes with a price – your health! The areas with the highest mountains are also the areas with poor medical care. As you go up in altitude, the air pressure decreases until somewhere around 15,000-20,000 ft, there is not sufficient air, or to be specific, air pressure to supply enough oxygen for you to stay conscious.

But don’t worry there is a perfect solution for this problem- gO2 therapy 99% pure Oxygen can. It’s a lightweight and portable can that can help people exposed to altitudes effects like hypoxia, cold, severe dehydration because of low oxygen levels.

So, the next time when traveling is not very “risky” at least because of Covid, and you finally get a chance to go on a trek, don’t forget to carry your gO2 therapy portable oxygen can with you because gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen cans can help you overcome high altitude sickness and experience pure serenity.

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