Drinking and Oxygen deficiency



‘Hair of the Dog’. ‘Chugging Water’. ‘Greasy Breakfasts’. ‘Vitamin-infused concoctions’, ‘Bloody Mary’s’.


All are part of the folklore – but the most sworn-by and successful Hangover Remedy has always been OXYGEN. The only problem was – most people never had ACCESS to it.  (Ask the people that do – e.g., Firemen, Policemen, Nurses, Pilots, etc.)


gO2 therapy, 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life monumentally changes that.  We make the Oxygen convenient, portable and affordable.


Las Vegas Oxygen bars have been helping customers for years.  But hangovers aren’t just limited to Las Vegas.  gO2 therapy brings the Oxygen Bar to you.


Help is Here!


When you head to your next party, consider bringing along a portable canister of gO2 therapy oxygen as your trusted wing man/woman. Be sure to create a buzz (pun most definitely intended), the portable, light & handy gO2 therapy provide an engaging conversation-starter. A refreshing ice-breaker, the subtle yet enigmatic act of inhaling a few hits of gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life at a bar or party will definitely attract the like-minded, wellness-minded person.


gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life boosts the body’s energy, providing a shot of zest before, during and after a big event or night on the town. Moreover, due to the functional health benefits of oxygen, gO2 therapy can help you party longer. Breathing recreational oxygen helps the body metabolize alcohol more efficiently. That’s why inhaling oxygen while you drink alcohol can help you feel better the morning after you’re painted the town red. Moreover, breathing gO2 therapy the next morning can help your body break down the chemicals that remain in your body from alcohol consumption. With revived energy, the hope for faster recovery, and a unique party tool to help elevate the atmosphere of your night out, it’s no wonder gO2 therapy is quickly becoming the must-have party guest.

Still not a believer? Let’s dive into the science of oxygen as it relates to alcohol in the body. Metabolism, Oxygen and Alcohol

Normally, when alcoholic beverages are consumed, the metabolism of alcohol depletes the normal store of oxygen in the body. By supplementing the body with oxygen while you drink, one of the substrates necessary for an effective process of metabolism is reinstated (Science Daily). It is the job of the liver to break down the alcohol molecules so they can be metabolized and eliminated. To achieve this breakdown, the liver requires three molecules of oxygen per one molecule of alcohol – a 3 to 1 ratio – to synthesize acetaldehyde, which ultimately becomes water and carbon dioxide for elimination. This process can only work efficiently with sufficient levels of oxygen. Without sufficient levels of oxygen, the process slows down – and in this oxygen deprived state – the potentially toxic by-products of alcohol remain in your system longer, leading to what is medically referred to as a hangover

While recreational oxygen products do not provide the hydration necessary to prevent or combat some of the symptoms of overindulgence, consuming pure oxygen such as gO2 therapy can assist in breaking down alcohol’s harmful substances into harmless substances that are ready to be eliminated. Ultimately, that makes gO2 therapy the best remedy for a night on the town.

Portable gO2 therapy Recreational Oxygen is On-The-Go Energy and Recovery

If medical, scuba or other large, bulky oxygen tanks of years past were the only ways to get pure oxygen, it might seem difficult to let oxygen help you party smarter. Thankfully, portable oxygen canisters such as gO2 therapy make it easy to bring the canned oxygen with you to any party. The lightweight, handheld canisters that fit in your bag enable you to party hard and party smart by using gO2 therapy before, during and after you party. And hopefully, you’ll feel like you again, so you can make an incredible contribution at work the day after.