Recreational Oxygen is the new Bottled Water!

People Once Laughed at The Idea of Bottled Water


Just two requests:


1) If you’re going to try to make a joke out of recreational oxygen, think of something fact-based and original. Keep in mind, ambient air – the everyday air we breathe – is NOT the same in concentration of oxygen, but is a significantly less amount, of approximately 21% oxygen. That means Go2therapy pure recreational oxygen is nearly five times greater than the concentration of unpolluted, ambient air. Like the higher percentage of alcohol in a shot of liquor, a higher concentration of oxygen makes a difference in its ability to more quickly boost oxygen levels. As the informed consumer knows, you don’t always need pure recreational oxygen – so ONLY breathe it when you want to restore your depleted oxygen levels to normal healthy levels. (So, in other words, DON’T do what the Sharks were instructed to do, which was breathe recreational oxygen when inactive. It stands to reason the Shark’s SpO2 readings were already at optimal levels, and that’s why they didn’t “feel” anything). 


2) Second, note that the comparisons to the book and movie, The Lorax, and the movie, Spaceballs, have already been made.


Now that the less factual or less educated arguments, such as “I’m already breathing oxygen, why should I pay for it?” have been countered, let’s consider how maybe pop culture had insight into a viable consumer product goods (CPG) category – as was the case with bottled water.


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