Did you forget why you came here?

Does it often happen that you enter a room to grab something but immediately
forget what you needed from there? Or you start writing a work email and lose
track of its purpose?

If yes, then you’re experiencing brain fog and you’re not alone.
Sleepwalking your way through life is no fun and over time can impact your
relationships and overall well-being. It gets even trickier once you cross 40. Being
a grown-up can be tough and lifestyle factors can contribute to your clouded
thinking, making even the simplest of tasks a challenge like forgetting where you
kept your car keys or even worse where you parked your car.

Fortunately, you won’t need to strain your brain much to identify the causes of
brain fog. They are actually quite apparent if you really try to notice and the ways
to combat them aren’t really difficult either.

Your brain’s biggest enemies and the ways to fight it:

Adulting is hard work, especially during a global pandemic. Stress is a normal part
of life for most people, but it can take its toll. It can raise your blood pressure,
deplete your immune system and impair your brain function

Combat Strategy
– Regular exercise is a wonderful way to reduce stress.
– Even a short walk each day can help clear your mind and get you back on
– Plan some ‘me time’ into your days
– Hang out with people who make you smile
– Avoid unhealthy habits

Lack of sleep or even lack of good sleep can contribute to brain fog. The quality of
your sleep can have a huge impact on your mental acuity. The better you sleep, the
better your brain functions.

Combat Strategy:
– Avoid caffeine after lunch and don’t consume alcohol around your bedtime.

– Get to bed early to get at least seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.
– Create a healthy bedtime routine and stick to it.
– Take a few puffs of gO2 therapy to ensure that you’ve enough oxygen in
your bloodstream to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

How you fuel your brain and body matters. Not getting enough vitamins and
minerals can affect your brain’s function.

Combat Strategy:
– Cut out processed food, red meat, and fried items and
– Include leafy greens, whole grains, berries, and nuts in your diet
– Drink plenty of water!
– Use gO2 therapy every day to notice discernible differences in your mental
acuity and brain function.

It’s true that as you grow old, you grow accustomed to forgetting more and more
things. But, not anymore. Your strategy is ready, now all you need to do is attack!!!

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