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Here’s why you need to choose gO2 therapy over any other energy drink.

“Your body is your temple,” they say. Well it’s not unless you really treat it like one. It’s true that energy drinks give you an instant boost of energy, but research suggests that this boost happens at the cost of your health. 


A recent study from Mayo Clinic shows that drinking a 16-ounce energy drink can increase your blood pressure and stress hormone responses significantly, raising concerns over increased risk of cardiovascular events. This study also goes on to say that the short-lived boost of these energy drinks can be accompanied by problems such as nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and rapid heartbeats.


If the results of this study aren’t enough to scare you, there is another study that suggests that the ones who consume energy drinks are subjected to a higher risk of dangerous heart rhythms, which might as well be fatal.


Too many problems, one solution!

Now that you know exactly what you are risking every time you gulp down an energy drink, let’s talk about a natural and absolutely awesome alternative that will give you the energy boost you need, but in a healthier way.  


gO2 therapy gives you an energy boost without any side effects because it does not contain any sugar, fat, carbohydrates or other potentially harmful ingredients. You should know that energy drinks are jam-packed with all of these! 


A very handy can, power-packed with 99 % pure recreational oxygen, you can use it as many times in a day as you want, without worrying about side effects, or in that case, even overdose. Additionally, it doesn’t just give your body an energy boost, but also heightens your concentration, alertness and mental clarity. 


gO2 Therapy oxygen helps in fueling your cells to give you the energy you need to think and perform at your optimum level. Also, the best thing about gO2 therapy is that it’s easy to be carried on the move, besides being a safe and sleek way to keep you alert, sharp and energized throughout the day.

So next time you need an energy-boost, you know what to do!

Oxygen Crisis

The Oxygen Crisis: Are you getting enough?

Oxygen is arguably one of the most important elements on Earth.  Like water, it keeps us alive. We all know that. But do you know why it is so vital? Or how much do we need on a daily basis to stay healthy? Or that almost everyone today is oxygen-deficient – perhaps even you! Whether for general wellness or for any specific need, gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life can help your body regain optimal levels.

Why Oxygen?

To understand the importance of oxygen, we need to first understand what happens when we breathe. The air we take in is a mixture of gases. Our lungs filter out the oxygen from the air and absorb it into the bloodstream. The rest of the air is then let out. In a similar fashion, the nutrients from the food we consume are absorbed into the cells. The oxygen is then used to burn the fuel [sugars and fatty acids] in our cells to produce energy.  In simple words, if the body needs more energy, it needs more oxygen along with the nutrients.

Beware of what you breathe

Air Pollution can lower your oxygen level

You can’t always control what goes into your lungs. A walk down the street can fill them with second-hand smoke. Exhaust fumes from cars and other vehicles zooming past, guarantee a lower level of oxygen in the air. Even inside our homes, the air may look clean but can contain harmful pollutants.

A human body needs at least 550l of pure Oxygen per day. But lifestyle factors like travel fatigue, smoking, drinking and rigorous physical activity along with air pollution affect our blood oxygen levels. A reduced blood oxygen level may result in tiredness, reduced ability to focus, dizziness, headaches etc. When your body begins to run out of oxygen, the muscles convert the glucose in the cells into lactic acid, instead of energy. This is temporary and can happen only for so long. The result is, you experience weariness and often cramps and pain in the muscles. What you need is a breath of pure air.

Global deoxygenation

However, we are in the middle of a global oxygen crisis. The oxygen levels in the atmosphere have been gradually declining. 10,000 years ago, our earth was covered with rich forests. The trees and plants enriched our atmosphere with oxygen. Today the forest cover has gone down by half. These environmental changes have caused a sharp decline in the volume of oxygen around us. The situation in the polluted cities we live in is even more worrisome. The declining atmospheric oxygen level has potentially devastating consequences on human health.

elements Life – Your passport to wellness

Don’t worry, help is here. Whether you are a city dweller or not, whether you are a sports freak or prefer a daily walk, we all need to rejuvenate our bodies. Inhale into gO2 therapy‘– 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life. Only a few breaths can help your body recover and energize. ‘gO2 therapy’ canisters are small enough to carry around easily. They help you recover from exposure to pollutants and other particulate matter. ‘gO2 therapy‘ is your personal Oxygen bar. It is your passport to breathing well, breathing free and breathing pure.


5 steps to increase oxygen saturation level in your blood

For a healthy person, the oxygen saturation level in the blood may not seem like a big deal. But if you are suffering from a chronic lung disease, are prone to asthmatic attacks or live in an area with high air pollution levels, every breath counts. If you struggle to breathe properly, maintaining optimal blood oxygen levels can add to that struggle.


What is blood oxygen level and what does it mean?

The oxygen from the air we inhale is absorbed and stored in our blood cells. Then it is transported to other parts of our body through the blood vessels. Ideally, a normal healthy person should achieve blood oxygen saturation levels greater than 95%. Anything below 90% is considered low, referred to as Hypoxia. Hence, any reason that can cause your blood oxygen levels to drop is a serious condition. It can lead to anything from dizziness and uncoordinated movements to becoming unresponsive.

The human body requires a steady amount of glucose and oxygen in order to function properly. So, making sure that your body receives enough oxygen is of utmost importance. A simple device called an oximeter, clipped on to the tip of your index finger can be used to monitor blood oxygen levels.

Here are a few tips for restoring your blood oxygen level:


1-Eat Well

Getting tired easily, a quickening of the heart-rate and rapid breathing, especially during a workout are some of the initial symptoms of low blood oxygen levels. Your nourishment might be lacking the necessary ingredients that increase oxygen saturation in blood and energize you. Focus on iron-rich items in your diet. Certain foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, legumes and green, leafy vegetables help improve the blood oxygen levels. Kale, broccoli, spinach and celery are some of the green veggies that help restore oxygen in the body and make you feel energetic.


2-Exercise regularly and exercise right

Exercise improves your breathing pattern and its depth, thereby increasing the amount of air you inhale. As your breathing improves, your lungs will be able to absorb more oxygen from the air. You might want to consult a professional or a doctor about the type of exercise you need to do, the amount and intensity. If, however, you still feel breathless, it may be a good idea to inhale a few shots of gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life


3-Plant Trees

Plants and trees around your house are always a good idea. They not only cool the area, but they also improve air quality. In addition, introduce green plants inside your home as well. Indoor plants like the Mani plant, Areca Palm tree, and snake plant are well known to purify the air. They increase the oxygen availability in the air you breathe.  Keep a small fern on your office desk. These plants are easy to maintain and require minimal sunlight. The better the air quality around you, the higher the oxygen saturation in your blood.


4-Practice Meditation

Meditation and Yoga teach you to breathe right and breathe deep. A few minutes of a daily deep breathing routine will relax you, reduce your stress and improve your oxygen intake.

Add gO2 therapy Canned Oxygen to your home & office emergency kit

Recreational Oxygen or Canned Oxygen is not a medical product, nor is its industrial oxygen. The use of canned oxygen can help in instantly increasing blood oxygen levels. Only a few shots improve oxygen saturation in the body and increase oxygen supply to the brain, thus treating any minor symptoms related to oxygen deficiency. Some people even use recreational oxygen to keep the brain going strong and to negate the ill-effects of aging. For someone suffering from lung diseases and finding it difficult to maintain oxygen levels in the blood, the use of gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life

 can help energize the body and stay healthy.

If you or someone you know suffers from oxygen deficiency, you can buy your own elements Life 99% pure oxygen can here. To learn more about how recreational Oxygen can be useful to you, click here.

gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life

Air Pollution

5 alarming ways Air Pollution impacts you

Air Pollution has emerged as one of the top 10 killers in the world, causing 1 in 10 deaths each year. In South Asia alone, Air Pollution ranks as the sixth most dangerous health hazard, after blood pressure, smoking, indoor air pollution, poor diet, and diabetes. Two-thirds of global deaths due to exposure to bad air quality occur in Asia, including India.

Air pollution is a bigger risk than you imagine. It impacts your health in alarming ways. It kills 6 times more people than Malaria each year. Some disturbing facts:

1-Killer Breath

Particulate matter in the air is as tiny as one-thirtieth the width of human hair. Too small to be seen, but when inhaled, it settles deep inside our lungs and airways. These minute air pollutants are carcinogenic by nature and increase our risk of cancer. Nitrogen dioxide, another major contributor to air pollution, causes inflammation in our lungs and weakens our immunity to infection and lung diseases.

2-Lower blood oxygen levels

Our bodies need at least 550l of pure Oxygen per day. However, pollution leads to a lower percentage of oxygen in the air we breathe in. This, in turn, means, our supply of oxygen has reduced and our bodies are not getting enough. Reduced blood oxygen levels lead to fatigue, dizziness, aches, and pains. Read more in a previous post…

3-It affects everyone

Air Pollution affects people of all ages, rich and poor alike. Coughing and wheezing are common symptoms of people living in regions with bad air quality. However, the elderly and young children suffer the most from exposure to Air Pollution. It harms overall cognitive performance in both these age groups. They are at higher risk of suffering from acute asthmatic attacks as well.

Air Pollution lowers your happiness quotient

It is common for people living in extreme weather conditions to experience irritability, despair and bad moods. Air Pollution makes it worse.  Just like bad weather, high pollution levels are pushing people, particularly children, indoors. Lack of physical activity affects not only physical health but also social, emotional and overall well-being.

It’s indoors too

‘Air Pollution’ conjures up an image of smog, vehicular fumes and smoke spewing out of chimneys. While it may feel safe to stay inside our homes and away from this ‘polluted air’, indoor air may often be just as dangerous. Major contributors to indoor air pollution are solid fuels (wood, charcoal. cow dung coal etc.) used for cooking, chemicals used in paints and building materials, Tobacco smoke, mold, dust mites and other sources such as burning incense sticks, sprays, and other common household products.

How to protect yourself and your family from Air Pollution?

  • Keep a watch on the Air Quality Index in your region, and take precautions accordingly.
  • Use air filters at home, or even better; grow air purifying plants.
  • Support Government and non-government initiatives taken to clean the air quality and follow the specified guidelines. In today’s situation, it is not enough to take individual measures. It is imperative to take action together at a larger scale.
  • Take steps to reduce sources of air pollution, such as vehicular emissions, burning wood and firecrackers, wasting electricity etc.
  • Create awareness around you by sharing knowledge among your friends and family, since collective effort is the key.

Use gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, 100% Pure Life to elevate your blood oxygen level and fight back air pollution effects.