Indoors: Not as safe as you think

We think you are very likely to spend the majority of your life indoors. But most people still do not understand the seriousness of indoor quality. When they think about air pollution, they assume that air pollution is an outdoor problem because that’s where factory smokestacks, smog, and exhaust from traffic exist. But, do you know that air quality indoors can be worse than outdoor air quality- almost 10 times worse.

During the colder winter months, we like to stay indoors to keep warm. During the warmer summer season, air conditioning is a welcome relief to the outside heat and humidity. When we are spending so much time indoors it’s not just important to know the seriousness of poor quality indoor but also how to improve it. And, this is even more important for people with allergies or respiratory issues.

How does indoor air quality affect your health?

Air pollutants can range from contaminants brought in by other people or pets, dust mites, spores, mold, and mildew, dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and radon, or volatile chemicals emitted from conventional cleaners and cooking.

Indoor air quality tends to be worse in the winter months because there is often no flow of fresh air from the outside, meaning allergens stay trapped inside.

These air pollutants and allergens can not only cause respiratory problems but can cause flare-ups in people who already have breathing issues.

How to improve indoor air quality?

There are several easy ways to improve indoor air quality, whether it’s your home or office. Doing these can greatly improve your comfort and general health all year round:

Change indoor air filters – The air conditioning systems at your home or office not only cool your home but also clean the air of common pollutants. Over time, these air filters fill up and must be cleaned. If not, they can’t trap pollutants resulting in a poor air quality index.

Keep it clean and vacuum – Vacuum carpets and rugs at least once or twice a week with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter. Also vacuum other areas where dust accumulates including walls, carpet edges, and upholstered furniture. Make sure to place rugs at all the entrances of your home, as they are designed to capture dirt, dust, and other pollutants that might be brought in from the outside. This will help you improve the air quality in your home.

Use air purifiers – If you have a hard time regularly cleaning your home, using an air purifier and dehumidifier can help. These devices, in particular ionic purifiers, can help capture some of the irritants that can cause respiratory problems.

Let the fresh air inside – Even during the extreme hot and cold of any season, it’s important to open windows every so often to allow fresh air to circulate in the house.

Here are some other things you can do to improve indoor air quality:

How gO2 therapy can help you in dealing with poor indoor air quality?

Maintaining good indoor air quality is important as your body needs oxygen to create energy for your cells, brain, tissues, and organs. The air we normally breathe contains only around 21% oxygen – the majority is useless 78% nitrogen. gO2 therapy is 99% pure supplemental oxygen and can be used indoors as an all-natural and healthy respiratory support during cleaning or normal everyday activities. gO2 therapy provides nearly 4X the amount of pure oxygen you get from the air. If you don’t have the ability to clean as regularly as you’d like, gO2 therapy can help you deal with the harmful effects of poor air quality at your home.

Here’s why you can use a few puffs of gO2 therapy even while gaming

Did you know that nearly 75% of all households in India have at least one gamer? In fact, video games are the leading form of household entertainment – but this entertainment can also impact your health. If you play games for longer periods, that means that you are avoiding physical activity for a long period which makes your muscles weaker, and weaker muscles need more oxygen to work. Over time this will lead to you feeling more and more breathless. This is called the cycle of inactivity, or the cycle of breathlessness. gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen can help fight these effects.

The physical effects of gaming

When your body is inactive for long periods, your rate of breathing begins to slow down resulting in lower oxygen intake. And, your body needs oxygen to create energy because your lungs use oxygen to energize your cells, which in turn provide energy to your body. So, when you breathe in less oxygen you start feeling tired and lose focus.

How gO2 therapy can help when you’re gaming?

The air we breathe contains only around 21% oxygen. The majority of the air we breathe is useless 78% nitrogen. Indoor air quality can be much worse the longer you spend indoors, inactive and gaming, the less likely your body is to generate the proper energy. So not only is it affecting you physically, but it’s influencing your gaming skills as well.

So, using portable 99% pure oxygen like gO2 therapy while you are gaming definitely makes sense. gO2 therapy contains four times (4x) the oxygen we normally breathe. It’s quick and easy to use during a game break and can provide a natural and healthy form of energy that can keep you alert and focused.

Then there’s the hardcore, dedicated gamers. The ones who play for several hours – sometimes all night without sleep. These gamers are more at risk to experience negative physical effects. In addition to prolonged inactivity, they often use energy drinks, caffeine, or stimulants to stay awake and focused. We’ve all seen the energy drinks at the grocery stores, in so many varieties and flavors, which promise a quick fix for your drowsiness. What they contain is caffeine, sugars, carbs, and calories that can be harmful to your health or cause you to crash after their effects expire – forcing you to drink even more to avoid that crash. The same can be said of the effect of coffee on your body.

gO2 therapy has no caffeine, sugar, carbs, or calories. So, there is no risk of sugar crash with gO2 therapy. Supplemental oxygen is completely natural and more relaxing and restorative than energy drinks or coffee.

Besides inactivity, there’s also the stress caused by gaming. Yes, gaming is fun – but we’ve all experienced “gamer rage” from anger caused by an unbeatable level or opponent. Everyone knows that long-term stress can have harmful effects on your health. But using gO2 therapy when gaming can help you breathe properly while maintaining focus and a sense of calm. So, you can focus better on beating that unbeatable level of opponent.

So, if you spend long-time gaming – or if you’re a hardcore gamer who plays for several hours at a time – just be aware of the negative impact it can have on your health. Avoiding inactivity along with using gO2 therapy instead of caffeine and energy drinks can help improve the quality of time you spend gaming and make you feel energized, more focused, and less stressed!

Frequently Asked Questions answered

People who discover gO2 therapy portable supplemental oxygen for the first time often have some questions about our product. We have compiled all of those questions into one comprehensive article.

Question: How to use gO2 therapy?

ANSWER: Using gO2 therapy is very easy. You just need to follow these simple steps and you will be good to go-

  1. Just open the can
  2. Press the trigger to activate the flow
  3. And take a few puffs till you think it’s enough

Question: How many inhalations are in a canister of gO2 therapy?

ANSWER: Every can of gO2 therapy has 18 liters of oxygen and that is enough to give you around 900-1000 inhalations. And, we would like to mention that it is at least 6X more than what any of our competitors offer.

Question: What’s the difference between gO2 therapy and the air I breathe?

ANSWER: In normal conditions, the air we breathe contains around 21% oxygen. Many people are surprised by this fact. The majority of the air we breathe is useless 78% nitrogen. That’s also not taking into account any pollution in the air. gO2 therapy is 99% pure oxygen. It contains nearly 4X the amount of oxygen you breathe normally.

Question: Is gO2 therapy USFDA approved?

ANSWER: gO2 therapy is the only product in its category to be manufactured in a USFDA registered facility.

Question: Is gO2 therapy like an energy drink or coffee?

ANSWER: We’ve all seen the energy drinks at the grocery stores, in so many varieties and flavors, which promise a quick fix for your drowsiness. What they contain are caffeine, sugars, carbs, and calories that can be harmful to your health or and also can cause you to crash after their effects expire – forcing you to drink even more to avoid that crash. The same can be said of the effect of coffee on your body. gO2 therapy has no caffeine, sugar, carbs, or calories. So, there is no risk of a sugar crash.

gO2 therapy is completely natural and more relaxing and restorative than energy drinks or coffee. Breathing gO2 therapy may help improve cognitive performance, memory, and reaction time and also makes you feel more alert and energetic.

Question: Is gO2 therapy flammable?

ANSWER: This is by far the most common misconception we see posted about oxygen. Oxygen itself is not flammable and does not burn. But it can feed an existing fire, so it’s dangerous to use any oxygen tank around something that is burning because it will help the fire burn more quickly. In other words, oxygen isn’t the problem – it’s the existing fire.

Question: Does gO2 therapy have any side effects?

ANSWER: There are no known side effects to gO2 therapy.

Question: Can I recycle gO2 therapy canisters?

ANSWER: Our canisters are made out of aluminum, which means they are recyclable. They can be disposed of along with the normal cans you recycle every day.

Question: Do I need a prescription for gO2 therapy?

ANSWER: No, you do not need a prescription to purchase and use gO2 therapy. It is not medical oxygen, which needs to be prescribed by a doctor or physician.

Question: Why is gO2 therapy can so lightweight? Is my canister empty?

ANSWER: Oxygen gas is virtually weightless. gO2 therapy cans are very light, but we assure you that every can comes with 18 liters of oxygen. The weight of a full can feel empty because oxygen inside has no discernible mass. This weight advantage makes gO2 therapy portable and easy to carry.

Have more questions about gO2 therapy? Feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

gO2 therapy: not just “canned air”

When people first discover gO2 therapy, they mistakenly think it is simply “canned air”. However, gO2 therapy is not canned air. It is very different from the air you breathe and can help you in many ways.

The air you normally breathe every day contains only 21% oxygen. What makes the other 79% you may ask? The answer is that the majority is 78% useless nitrogen and 1% of trace gases like argon, carbon dioxide, neon, and helium.

Do you know that you breathe in over 2,000 gallons of air per day? This amount of air is enough to fill up a normal-sized swimming pool. But unfortunately, around 1600 gallons of that amount is useless because only around 400 gallons is pure oxygen.

Now that you know that, you might want to believe that the regular air you breathe might not be enough and you won’t be wrong to think that. That’s why we suggest using gO2 therapy.

What is gO2 therapy?

gO2 therapy is 99% pure oxygen in portable, lightweight, and recyclable canisters. gO2 therapy provides nearly 4X the amount of oxygen you get from normal air which can make you feel better in many day-to-day situations.

Why you should always keep a can of gO2 therapy handy with you?

Your body needs oxygen to create energy! Oxygen provides energy to your cells to power your tissues, muscles, and organs. Without proper oxygen levels, you can feel tired, sluggish, or even sick. Your body also uses oxygen during food digestion to absorb nutrients from what you eat. That’s why whenever you are feeling low on oxygen you should take a few puffs of gO2 therapy to feel like your healthy self again.

Who can use gO2 therapy?

Many people can use gO2 therapy for several reasons.

  • Senior citizens can use it to enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Anyone who feels shortness of breath during the heat and humidity of summer can use it to feel better
  • Athletes can use it to improve their performance during competition and training.
  • Hikers and mountaineers can use it to deal with altitude sickness
  • People living in areas with poor air quality can use it to fight the harmful effects of pollution.
  • Smokers can use it to counter the harmful effects of smoking.

So, it’s better to have it with you wherever you go because you don’t know when you might need it.

gO2 therapy for staying refreshed while wearing masks in the gym

Like every place in the world right now you can’t go to the gym without wearing a mask. While it’s important to wear a mask to protect oneself from getting infected, this reason doesn’t exactly make it easy for a person to go through their workout while wearing a mask.

As a result, members must wear masks during training sessions that often involve cardio and heavy breathing, which can be uncomfortable for some people who aren’t used to wearing masks while they work out.

When people are wearing masks during training sessions involving cardio and heavy breathing, it can be really uncomfortable for them. The thing is that wearing a mask is not a universal experience. Everyone feels different when they wear a mask – most people aren’t bothered by it, but some find it really difficult to deal with face mask fatigue.

Some masks are also better designed for activities like working out and training. But if you’re running or doing a workout that involves cardio, chances are it may take some time to adjust with a mask on.


How can gO2 therapy help?

Whether you’re training at home, outdoors, or are required to wear a mask at the gym, you can always stay refreshed with gO2 therapy, which provides portable 99% pure supplemental oxygen. It’s a healthy and all-natural respiratory support that provides energy and assists in recovery and performance during a workout. Athletes have used supplemental oxygen for decades – much like football players using oxygen on the sidelines during games. gO2 therapy provides supplemental oxygen to whoever needs it, anytime and anywhere!

Our body needs oxygen to create energy! Oxygen is used to power our cells, muscles, tissues, brain, and liver. Without proper oxygen, you can feel tired, sluggish, short of breath, and even begin to get sick. Did you know that the air we normally breathe contains ONLY around 21% oxygen? The majority of the air we breathe is useless 78% nitrogen. And this oxygen content can be even less in poor air quality areas. gO2 therapy provides nearly 5X the amount of pure oxygen you normally breathe.

So, using gO2 therapy during a workout simply makes sense, especially if you’re wearing a mask. If you’re winded from cardio and need a quick pick-me-up, gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen can be used quickly and easily under your mask. 

Combat stress and anxiety with gO2 therapy

Stress is an inevitable part of life, particularly in the unprecedented time we are going through these days. One day it feels like things are going to get normal soon and then suddenly you realize that another variant has appeared. In a time like this, how can one not feel stressed?  But the point of this blog is not to talk about any variant of Covid. The point is that you cannot control the circumstances around you but you do have the power to control your response to them. Usually, your response to difficult circumstances is “stress” and you cannot underestimate the physical and mental impact of stress on you. That’s why in this blog we will talk about the power to control your stressful response towards circumstances.

There is a multitude of stress-relieving tools that you can use to keep your “feelings” under control. One of them is deep breathing exercises with the use of gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen

Why is oxygen so good?

Oxygen provides energy to all parts of the body and the rate at which we inhale and exhale is controlled by the respiratory center within the medulla oblongata in the brain. And you know the interesting part here is that incidentally, this is also the part of the brain that instigates the stress response. So, it’s not surprising that taking on more oxygen by taking a few puffs of gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen can clear your mind, and energize your whole body. Also, it can combat mental sluggishness, lack of focus, stress, and anxiety.

The other benefits of breathing pure 99% oxygen include purifying the blood, creating an upsurge in energy, and relaxing your body and mind, which is why gO2 therapy is so effective in combating stress and anxiety. 

How does gO2 therapy help in combating stress?

When you are under stress, you stop breathing normally. This leads to your body quickly becoming deprived of oxygen, which can make you have all sorts of sensations. When you take a few puffs of gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen, you restore lost oxygen to your brain, which instantly calms your body. 

So, buy your gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen now so that you can optimize your health and wellbeing throughout the day, particularly when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. 

When there is so much that feels out of control, find ways to focus on yourself and your own wellbeing so that you can cope with what life throws at you. 

For when you finally get a chance to answer the mountain’s call to you

Nobody likes a monotonous life. Everyone wants a change every now and then. After all, change is the only constant. Some people bring this change in their lives, by going on a trek. Others want to reward themselves after a long, hectic week.

Even though the rise in cases of the variant has increased the chances of restrictions of traveling, we know some of you must still be dreaming about answering the call to the mountains. So, when the times become normal, we want you to be fully prepared to take that call.

Trekking is a joyful walking experience which is a combination of hiking and walking activity in which one can take a multi-day or a single-day expedition to enjoy the scenery of rural regions or rugged hills & territory or valleys or forts. One should never forget to carry proper trekking essentials such as the right trekking shoes, bags, and emergency supplies. One such trekking essentials is gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen can which is portable and lightweight and can be particularly helpful in case of high-altitude sickness.

For some of you, it might have been a long time when you experienced the feeling of just packing your bag and wandering off to a mountain. So, let’s talk about the reasons why you would love to do that again.

To take a break and clear your mind:

Has “work from home” stressed you out or going back to the office is even more stressful than you remember? Trekking can bring much-needed excitement to your life.

To be with Mother Earth:

When you have spent so much time at your home, we think you would love the feeling of lying in the lap of mother earth and experiencing the refreshing air with lush green grass and the breath-taking view.


Every step, every moment in the cliffs is an opportunity for a phenomenal picture. So, it’s a great reason to go trekking to flaunt your photography skills.

To get fit:

A lot of fitness freaks, consider hiking as a great way to maintain that body they worked super-hard on. After all, being fit is easy; maintaining it takes up most of their efforts. And who wouldn’t choose stupendous scenery over a boring treadmill? For that adrenaline rush:

For that adrenaline rush:

Are you very adventurous? Do you love taking risks?  Haven’t felt that adrenaline rush in so long? You would love to take a trek to a steep hill or a fort. And maybe this adrenaline might feel like a drug to you and wouldn’t be able to get enough of it. 

To overcome challenges:

Since our childhood, we’ve been hearing – Always face your challenges/fears. If you prefer to face challenges, the hills are probably the best place to do so. They’re non-judgmental, they do not bar you if you struggle, and they do not belittle your efforts even if you take an eternity to climb that hill.

But, unfortunately, this feeling of euphoria comes with a price – your health! The areas with the highest mountains are also the areas with poor medical care. As you go up in altitude, the air pressure decreases until somewhere around 15,000-20,000 ft, there is not sufficient air, or to be specific, air pressure to supply enough oxygen for you to stay conscious.

But don’t worry there is a perfect solution for this problem- gO2 therapy 99% pure Oxygen can. It’s a lightweight and portable can that can help people exposed to altitudes effects like hypoxia, cold, severe dehydration because of low oxygen levels.

So, the next time when traveling is not very “risky” at least because of Covid, and you finally get a chance to go on a trek, don’t forget to carry your gO2 therapy portable oxygen can with you because gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen cans can help you overcome high altitude sickness and experience pure serenity.

From Discovery of Oxygen to gO2 therapy: A brief History of Oxygen

In recent years, millions around the world are starting to learn about the benefits of supplemental oxygen. Much like drinks like energy drinks became widely accepted for energy-boosting in the 1980s after years of public education, portable supplemental oxygen is taking a similar path in terms of education, acceptance, and growth.

The journey from oxygen’s discovery in 1774 to gO2 therapy gaining popularity during the second wave of Covid in 2021 is certainly amazing. 

A Brief and Amazing History of Supplemental Oxygen 

The discovery of Oxygen: English chemist Joseph Priestly usually gets credit for discovering oxygen in 1774 – but it was German chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele who likely discovered the element back in 1773, but he didn’t publish the discovery until after Priestly made his announcement. 

Early references to supplemental oxygen: In 1776, Thomas Henry (a renowned surgeon and chemist) speculated that oxygen might become “as fashionable as French wine at the fashionable taverns”. He did not expect, however, that tavern goers would “relish calling for a bottle of air, instead of Claret” (a popular red wine at the time).

1885– On March 6th, the first recorded use of oxygen was administered by Dr. George Holtzapple for the treatment of pneumonia.

1887– Oxygen devices capable of storing oxygen to be used intermittently become available for use.

1908 – One of the first documented uses of oxygen for sports performance occurred in 1908 when Scottish swimmer Jabez Wolffe used supplemental oxygen as part of his attempt to swim across the English Channel. He used a long rubber tube to breathe in pure oxygen while crossing the channel 

1917– During World War 1 John Scott Haldane invented the Black Veil Respirator which was used to regulate the breathing of soldiers. He is known as the “Father of Oxygen Therapy”

Supplemental Oxygen Gained Popularity

World War II (1939 – 1945) Medical use of oxygen made major leaps and bounds starting with World War II. Though it was mainly used in hospitals to treat soldiers with a variety of respiratory issues.

1950– In the 1950s Doctors started prescribing oxygen to patients with COPD.

1953 – On May 29, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay used specially designed oxygen breathing apparatus to become the first ones to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest.

The 1960s – Professional athletes (notably football players) began using oxygen tanks on the sidelines during games for respiratory recovery and when playing at high-altitude locations like Denver where there can be less oxygen in the air. 

Portable Supplemental Oxygen Became Mainstream

1988 – With air quality and air pollution becoming a concern in many Asian countries, the first “Oxygen Bar” was opened in Tokyo, Japan to provide pure oxygen to customers. The trend quickly spread throughout Asia, and then to North America in the 1990s. 

2017 – In 2017, we, a group of parents got concerned about changing environmental conditions, especially the increase in pollution. When we dug deeper to find out what could be the one thing that impacts the most on healthy life, the idea of miniaturizing Oxygen cylinders came to its inception. After further research, we figured out a way to do so, and our first product Elements Life was born.

2020 – In 2020, In the second generation of product – gO2 therapy 99% Pure Oxygen, we fixed the issues on which we received feedback from the customers and went a step ahead by adding a patented technology to make it more user-friendly.

2020-2021 – Around the same time, the interest and education about the benefits of supplemental oxygen increased during the Covid pandemic. Doctors and hospitals started treating Covid patients with supplemental oxygen, resulting in a surge of interest for information. 

The Future of Portable Supplemental Oxygen

Certainly, 2020-2021 saw a major increase in the interest and education about portable supplemental oxygen. Especially during the 2021 second wave, when the sales of gO2 therapy portable oxygen can increased 10 fold.

While we are happy that gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen helped people a lot during this difficult time, our aim is to help people in more day-to-day situations like needing an energy boost after a hectic day, needing a stress reliever after a stressful day, quickly curing a hangover, etc. 

How can gO2 therapy help during the “Diwali” season?

Usually, this time of the year you take out your anti-pollution masks especially if you are living in polluted cities like Delhi NCR. But, fortunately, or unfortunately this time you are already wearing a mask to protect yourself from Covid-19.


Diwali is just around the corner, your city will be filled with smog and air pollutants, making it difficult for you and your loved ones to breathe.

Metropolitan cities like Delhi happen to be the most polluted cities in India with the highest amounts of tiny suspended particles. These particles penetrate deep into the airways and lungs and can cause asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing conditions. Air pollution poses a major threat to global health today and there is no doubt about this. 

According to a report released by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), 30 percent of premature deaths in the country are caused due to air pollution.


India is a growing country and there is always some construction work going on in the city. Also due to lack of awareness, people don’t use public transport as much which leads to more traffic and in turn more pollution from those vehicles.

In addition to all this, festivals like Diwali also add up to the increasing air pollution scenario. Even after constant reminders from the Government and NGOs, people still use firecrackers and end up polluting the air which in turn affects them and their family members.

While there is no concrete evidence that air pollution is one of the causes of asthma, air pollution is certainly one of the leading triggers of asthma that can further lead to an attack. In 2015, according to a poll conducted by Curofy, 82% of the health experts agreed that there is a direct relation between asthma and environmental pollution. In metropolitan cities, air pollution is one of the main factors that worsen the symptoms of asthma, along with other respiratory conditions, causing increased bouts of breathing problems and lung infections.  

If you have asthma, your airways are hypersensitive. Elements in the polluted air can cause inflammation and narrowing of the airways, leading to coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Smog, along with other air pollutants can also lead to irritation in the eyes, the throat, and even in the lungs. This situation can be treated with first aid solutions such as breathing exercises, asthma inhalers, and portable oxygen cans for breathing issues.

How to avoid this:

  • Consult a doctor regularly and get yourself a personalized asthma plan. 
  • Have a fair idea about the pollution level and the trends. Refer to local news channels or sources that can warn you when air pollution is high. 
  • Pollution levels are higher during the day or during rush hours. So, it’s best to avoid those timings and start early in the day.
  • Take a few puffs of gO2 therapy, 99% pure oxygen in case of emergency and as a first aid when suffering from breathlessness.


So, this year, make sure you say no to firecrackers and other pollution-causing agents on Diwali. Also, instead of the usual sweets and gifts, give your loved ones gO2 therapy 99% pure oxygen, to help them fight the effects of pollution!

How gO2 therapy can help you during the “Viral” season?

Every year during this time of the year when the season is about to change flu activity begins to increase. While influenza viruses circulate year-round, most flu activity peaks between December and February, but activity can last as late as May. This time of the year is commonly referred to as “Viral” Season”. While everybody knows that it’s important to drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest if you feel sick or run down, did you also know that gO2 therapy, 99% pure oxygen, can also help you feel better?




From the previous year, this viral season has become especially difficult due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Some people are experiencing cold and flu sickness and wearing masks for longer periods are making them feel worse. Did you know that indoor air quality can be much worse than outdoor air due to poor ventilation and airborne contaminants, especially in older buildings?


In addition to flu viruses, several other respiratory viruses also circulate during the viral season and can cause symptoms and illnesses similar to those seen with viral fever. These respiratory viruses include rhinovirus (one cause of the “common cold”) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which is the most common cause of severe respiratory illness in young children as well as a leading cause of death from respiratory illness in those aged 65 years and older.


HOW gO2 therapy 99 % PURE OXYGEN CAN HELP?

In addition to proper diet and nutrition to strengthen your immune system during this viral season, you should also use gO2 therapy. Your body can become poorly oxygenated as it fights off a cold or fever. Your body needs oxygen so it can provide oxygen-rich blood cells to keep your tissues and organs healthy. Without proper oxygen, you can feel tired and your immune system weakens. Plus, the air we normally breathe contains only 21% oxygen – the majority is useless 78% nitrogen.


Using portable supplemental oxygen like gO2 therapy if you are sick from the fever or cold only makes sense because Oxygen is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and supplemental oxygen can soothe inflamed airways resulting in easier breathing.


Even if you don’t get sick, you’re probably still going to spend a lot of time indoors during the pandemic wearing a protective mask at work, in public or at home. Everyone experiences wearing a facemask differently – most people aren’t bothered by it, while others can experience headaches or dizziness. Using portable supplemental oxygen can help provide a boost of pure oxygen to make u feel better when you feel uncomfortable after wearing a mask for a long time.