The early morning struggle is prominent within the modern-day world, which has resulted in most people relying on caffeine to give them a kick-start to the day.

But for years, scientists have gone back and forth as to whether caffeine is beneficial to human health and if so, to what degree.  And this doubt has made health professionals increasingly eager to find a healthier alternative. Believe it or not, there is a healthier alternative, which is our very own gO2 therapy.

Let’s talk about how gO2 therapy works better for you than caffeine

gO2 therapy improves your cognitive performance

Oxygen is an essential element to an alive and functioning brain. So, restoring your body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels with gO2 therapy can definitely help in improving your brain’s cognitive performance. 

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system 

Caffeine amplifies the body’s response signals, which causes an increase in heart rate, muscle contractors, and in ‘fight or flight’ chemical messages. Unfortunately, this can cause an increase in nervousness, irritability, and anxiety, and can affect sleep patterns and concentration.

 gO2 therapy increases your energy levels

Oxygen is responsible for providing your body with the fuel it needs to thrive. 90% of your total energy comes from oxygen, whereas the other 10% comes from food and water. This is essentially why you can survive days without food and water but you can’t even survive for a few minutes without oxygen.

That’s receiving an oxygen boost at the times you need it most helps your mind and body by increasing energy levels.

Caffeine increases alertness and energy

After you ingest caffeine, your heart rate and rate of breathing speed up which leads to more oxygen being pushed through your body. This results in feelings of alertness and a boost of energy. A downside is that heart is forced to work harder.

So, apparently, the benefits of caffeine are similar to those of gO2 therapy but with one major difference: gO2 therapy, when used as directed, doesn’t have any side effects. You cannot become addicted to it, nor will you experience withdrawal symptoms. gO2 therapy is nothing but 99% pure oxygen filled in a portable can to help you feel more like your best you again.

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