our story

Our Story

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

It was in 2017, when we, a group of concerned parents got inspired by this quote from Charles Darwin and started discussing what we could do about helping our children cope with the changing environmental conditions, especially the increase in pollution. When we dug deeper to find out what could be the one thing that impacts the most on healthy life, the idea of miniaturising Oxygen cylinders came to its inception. After further research, we figured out a way to do so, and our first product Elements Life was born.


We created UCS Wellness Pvt Ltd with the same vision in 2018 and the first product was manufactured in the early half of 2019.

Having no background in manufacturing, it was a constant learning and evolution for the team to not only address the issues highlighted by the customers in the first release but also innovate and make the product as customer-friendly as possible. In the second generation of product – gO2 therapy, we have not only fixed the issues on which we received feedback from the customers but have also gone a step ahead and have added a patented technology to make it much more user friendly and customer-centric.

Why Choose Us


We comply with the international norms of quality which makes out product best in the segment.

100% Natural

No chemical supplements.


We use state-of-the-art infrastructure and our manufacturing process is completely human-touch free, which makes the product hygienic and safe to use.

Attention to detail

You will always have our ear! We won’t just listen to your feedback but we will also continuously improve our product according to your feedback.

Start-up India backing

We are the only company in this domain that is not only registered but also recognised by #startupindia.


We believe in continuous innovation and spend a large amount of time and money in R&D. We have a dedicated R&D facility in Noida and we also have tie-ups with the best R&D labs in India.

Social commitment

We are working with some of the leading NGOs in the field of educating girl child with poor socio-economic background. A part of our revenue goes to this noble cause.

Core values

Integrity, trustworthiness, transparency. Whatever we do, we always keep customers at the centre of our thought process.

Our Team

The team behind a garage start-up to a multi-million-dollar brand!
Alankar defines himself as an ordinary daydreamer with unconventional thoughts and actions with an extraordinary passion for being authentic and genuine. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from REC/NIT Rourkela and has worked with many tech brands in 18 years of his corporate career in selling technology products and services.
Alankar Saxena
Alankar Saxena
Co-founder & CEO
Ananth is a workaholic with more than 20 years of industry experience across the globe and a passion to create and innovate. He is curious, dependable, fearless, and firmly believes that innovation is not about why, but why not.
Ananth Sheel
Ananth Sheel
Co-founder COO & CBO